Endeavour on a journey of exciting flavours, textures and colours through our extensive range of caviar varieties.
Caviar is more than just a delicacy used on dishes, it is an experience like no other. The complexity of a tin of caviar is like a great bottle of Burgundy wine - a mystery that waits for you to explore. Starting with the appearance, each sturgeon produces a naturally varying colouration and size, each tin is therefore a unique moment. Take a spoon of caviar and feel the texture on your palate, the different species of sturgeon have caviar that can range from soft velvety to firm plump grains. Then the flavour, an umami experience and flavour complexity like no other product. Through the unique ageing process of N25, you will taste the nuances of each species, the maturation process, the purity of the spring water and multiple layers of aroma. Appreciate the aftertaste on the palate, a great caviar will leave a longing sensation and clean finish.

Nuveaux - the modern expression of caviar

The new style of caviar defined by N25 and cherished for the purity and elegance. A more delicate flavour compared the the classical range. The sturgeon species are fresh-water varieties originally from the Amur-River. The grains are larger, firmer and lighter in colour as well.

Classic - the traditional varieties of caviar

The origins of caviar and how it became a luxury delicacy we know today all started with the traditional Caspian Sea varieties. They are distinguished by their softer velvety textures, smaller grains but powerful flavour with notes of the ocean breeze. Our interpretation of the "classics" is more refined and lower on the salt profile so you can enjoy the differences of the varieties.

Exclusive - the rarest and most prestigious selections in the world

The largest, the brightest, the most decadent - this is the most exclusive selection of fine caviar.

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