Friends of the Brand

We are proud to offer the finest caviar in the world, and even prouder to be accompanied on this journey by many chefs internationally who share this philosophy and appreciate the unique quality of the product and the close collaboration with the N25 Caviar team. As our caviar is not only a product that is used in the star gastronomy, but is also very popular in private use we are  proud to have built up great relationships and friendships over the years with interesting personalities who share our passion for caviar.

  • Jan Hartwig

    Restaurant Jan – Munich, Germany

    Michelin StarMichelin StarMichelin Star
  • Jeremy Chan

    Ikoyi – London, United Kingdom

    Michelin StarMichelin Star
  • Juan Amador

    Das Amador – Vienna, Austria

    Michelin StarMichelin StarMichelin Star
  • Rafael Cagali

    Da Terra – London, United Kingdom

    Michelin StarMichelin Star

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