N25 Oscietra Caviar

Celebrated for its intricate flavor and subtly nutty essence, Oscietra caviar reigns as a culinary masterpiece. The magnificent N25 Oscietra sturgeon demands up to 18 years to mature before reaching the pinnacle of harvest. Behold the resplendent fruits of their labor, as velvety eggs shimmer in an exquisite array of amber to deepest mahogany, earning it moniker, the 'the pinnacle of caviar perfection”.

  • Species: Acipenser Gueldenstaedti
  • Origin: Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Color of roe: Hazel to golden brown color
  • Texture: medium firm
  • Small
  • Soft
  • Mild
spicy aroma, marine note, creamy, fresh walnut and almond, floral, iodine
Salmon, scallops, langoustine, lardo, razor clams, hamachi, oysters, crabs
Energy: 1127kJ
Fat: 18g
of which saturated fatty acids: 4.2g
Carbohydrates: 1.1g
of which sugar: 0.7g
Protein: 26g
Salt: 3.3g

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