A spotlight on Chef Chet and Bibi

A spotlight on Chef Chet and Bibi

From day 1, N25 Caviar strives for perfection and to be the trusted brand hand-picked by world class chefs.
We welcomed friends of the brand to our first N25 Chefs Social in London, hosted at Bibi Restaurant in Mayfair -- brought to life by Chef Chet Sharma.

Opened its doors in 2021, Bibi serves innovative and contemporary takes on Indian dishes using premium ingredients, while staying true to the authentic flavour profiles of India.

As a friend of N25, Chef Chet sheds light on his love for caviar.

Which is your favourite N25 caviar?
I love the Schrenckii caviar; not a surprise as it's really unique. It has an almost almond-like flavour to it which comes partially from the eggs, but also from the maturation of the caviar too. I've never had anything quite like it.

What is your favourite ingredient to pair with caviar?
We mainly use caviar with seafood. Somewhat boring and predictable, of course, but it works! More recently, we've been using it with sweet dishes, such as the Coconut Barfi as a petit fours topped with sweetened crème fraîche and N25 Kaluga caviar -- a really well-rounded, seasoned sweet bite.

What is something on the top of your bucket list?
I would love to go out to see the caviar production in the flesh. I've been lucky to go out deer stalking, fishing, truffle hunting...never made it to a caviar production facility.

Visit Bibi restaurant in London, United Kingdom, and discover the flavours of India featuring N25 Caviar.

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