N25 x BAU.BOX – by Christian Bau

Bringing three Michelin stars to your  home! Experience a unique moment of pleasure with the N25 x BAU.BOX presented by Christian Bau – exclusively for N25 Caviar customers.

Our boxes are lovingly packed and shipped on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Attention: For our menu you need to buy one egg per person. To guarantee the freshness of the egg yolk. Shipping only available in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg!


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Included in the box

(2  people)

4 course menu with 3 tins of caviar (à 30g)

portion of homemade bread & Bordier butter

2 homemade Macarons

2 capsules ‘Jamaica Blue Mountain` from Difference Coffee, London


Our BAU.BOX menu

Hamachi (yellowtail) with iodine flavors,
N25 Oscietra Caviar & buttermilk dashi


Chitarra pasta with confit egg yolk,
chives & N25 Schrenckii Caviar


Japanese beef with asparagus,
kojyuvinaigrette & N25 Kaluga Reserve Caviar


“Black Forest Cherry”
interpreted as dessert



*Krug Grande Cuvée 0,375l bottle (99€/bottle)

Type: Champagne
Country of Origin: France
Region: Champagne, France
Grape variety(ies): 52% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay, 13% Meunier
Alcohol (by volume): 12.0%
Allergens: may contain sulfites, albumin and lysozyme from egg and egg protein

Our boxes are assembled and shipped by VICTOR’S FINE DINING by Christian Bau. If you have any questions about allergens or other issues, please contact us (info@n25caviar.com) prior to your order.

Additional information

Number of people

2, 4, 6

Champagne bottles*

none, 1, 2

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