A5 Japanese Wagyu


Considered to be one of the highest grade and quality of wagyu available on the market is the A5 wagyu from Miyazaki prefecture Japan. The marbling is very fine and even, the fat is elegant and not oily. The texture and flavor of the Miyazaki wagyu is far superior compared to other varieties such as Kagoshima, Hokkaido, etc. Try this combined with our premium caviar for the ultimate umami experience!



A5 Japanese Wagyu, 200g pieces that are vacuum sealed and shock-frozen for optimal freshness. Due to the high quality of the meat and high fat content, freezing wagyu is a common practice and does not affect the quality.

Storage Condition: keep refrigerated after receiving and consume within 2 days. Do not re-freeze.

Price per Kilogram: 380 Euros including taxes

Origin: Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

Processing Facility: DE NW50361 EG

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