Serving N25 Caviar

Enjoying N25 Caviar at Home

Caviar is a versatile delicacy that can either be enjoyed on its own or easily added to many different dishes to elevate it! Don’t be afraid to explore and be creative! Below are some of our suggestions to serve our caviar.

The purest form of caviar can be appreciated when served neat, on some crushed ice. Savor the delicate nuances of each type of our caviar.
Caviar is best served and savored with our mother of pearl spoons. The smooth texture, neutral temperature and non-relative material allows the delicate aromas of our caviar to shine.
Caviar pairs perfectly with gently cooked lobster - here we used the baerii and schrenckii. Each bite with a different selection of caviar brings out a different flavor!
The ultimate classics, smoked salmon and blinis with caviar. Both make the perfect brunch, canapé, or starter! Easy to make and absolutely delicious.
Slightly buttered toast with caviar.
Scrambled eggs with caviar for the perfect breakfast or brunch - also try poached / fried / soft boiled egg!
Scallops with caviar make a delicious starter
Tartare of beef or veal for an old classic and classy dish.