Quality Standard

N25 Caviar is a German-based company with the goal of promoting the highest quality caviar, one that is unparalleled and unique. All our exported products fulfill the strictest German hygiene and quality standard. Every batch of N25 Caviar has a health certificate approved by the German veterinary and health inspection bureau. We produce and package our caviar in a laboratory- grade sterile environment to prevent any contamination. This ensures that we produce the safest and most secure caviar in the world. Each tin of caviar we sell also comes with a unique CITES code, which allows transparency and traceability of the product. It allows the customer to know exactly what species of sturgeon and which batch the caviar comes from.



The selection process of our sturgeons begins before harvest. Once
the females are determined to be mature, they are selected based on the size and color of the roe. After harvest, we select once again, but focusing on the aging potential of the caviar and complexity of flavor. Only ~25% of harvested caviar will make the quality of N25 caviar.
The selected caviar is then matured in our specialized cold room in Germany where we closely inspect each batch to determine the optimal point of packing. This is where the transformation begins and we are able to select for individual chefs the exact flavor profile they want from the specific species. A customization beyond just the label, but of the product.

All the processing and packing takes place in a HACCP certified facility to ensure the highest hygiene and safety standards are met.